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Anonymous asked:
What is your opinion on people creating their own pronouns? By this I mean people who identify as otherkin, creating their own personal pronouns. I personally find this demeaning to Trans people as (1)Being Fae (for example) does not mean you aren't Male, Female, NB or Agendered, and (2)A lot of pronouns I see on tumblr are different versions of the same pronoun (ie I've seen three different versions for Dog-kin (Dog/Dog/Dogself, Canine/Canine/Canself and Pup/Pup/Pupself) (3)Cont in another ask

Okay so in order

0) people get to choose their own words 

1) it’s not demeaning to you for people to choose their own words, you’re not the gender police, come off it. People don’t sort neatly into the 4 categories you’ve proposed and some people’s gender experience really *is* fae

2) I don’t see why this would be invalidating, if somebody coined new words then obviously the existing set wasn’t accurate. I encourage people to make up words when the current set doesn’t fit.

3) tumblr ate your next ask but I don’t really care about what else you had to say

tl;dr people get to pick their own words, nonbinary otherkin exist, it isn’t demeaning to you to have other people express themselves in a way that suits them.

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    People used to be okay with real pronouns and now I have to respect faeself, absolutely not. I’m willing to use Male,...
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    There are so make rules to some folk’s make believe they have formed religions.
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    this is such a gross response but like, actually yeah we’re in the process of imagining a better world, and subsequently...
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    understood, i wasn’t trying to invalidate that point! i thought your reply was great :)
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    I am aware, I just didn’t feel the need to throw nonbinary otherkin under the bus when responding to this, particularly...
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    You can use fae pronouns, for example, even if you aren’t otherkin. If you feel like those pronouns fit you (and your...