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Anonymous asked:
How can we be treated as equal if most people dont know about us?

We do not now nor will we ever require the support of political majorities.

e.g. don’t ask for your rights, take them.


I don’t want to befriend my oppressors. I want them to stop oppressing me social and politically. I want them to stop enacting violence upon me for my race, religion, gender, and sexuality.

Asking for these things is, according to anti-sj people, the only viable way of getting that, because, according to them, when you ask for things from the people above you they’ll just give it to you. Yes, there’s so much precedent for this. Of course.

People who hold political power over you don’t want you to be equal. Oppressors want to continue oppressing. Men want to continue being misogynists, straight people want to continue being queerphobes, cis people want to continue being transphobes.  So, when I say i don’t trust men, that i don’t trust hetereosexuals, and that I don’t trust cis people, these are mistrusts rooted in material and political reality. There is no logical reason to trust a person who, at times both literally and metaphorically, is pointing a gun at you.

I don’t trust the people who strike fear in my heart with their tendency toward violence and dehumanization of their victims, and neither should anyone who is a member [, willing or otherwise, ] of any of my political classes.


I have a friend who was raped at age 8. She is still a minor, but she says that the bad things in her past have made her strong. She knows full well that being scared of all boys/men was emotionally crippling. Today, some of her best friends are older guys. I tell this story because I want to hear from someone who likes to say things like "I don't trust heterosexual men." Do you think she is wrong to be comfortable with men? Would you prefer if she kept seeing them all as rapists and oppressors?

This is the single most disgusting thing I have ever read and you should be ashamed of yourself. Do not use the pain and assault of someone you know to defend the very political class of people who harmed her. This is wrong. It is morally and ethically reprehensible and the fact that you dared to venture it as a point only shows to me that you don’t actually care about your so called friend, but instead wish to use her as an argumentative point.

"My friend was raped by pedophile men and she’s not afraid of them, why should you be?"

You’re scum.

-Beck and Nick

hey this is mod virgil from non-binary support, that genderfluid anon stated that the cishet was ONLY attracted to breasts and vaginas, so i called him transphobic, hence why they feel their "words were twisted"

I don’t know how to respond to that other than saying that I agree with you completely re: transphobia.


Anonymous asked:
Hey, its that one genderfluid anon, thank you for being polite about my question, I have asked this question to another blog and they kept twisting my words around and not listening, so thank you. :D

You are very welcome; I hope that our view re: structural oppression will help you.


To the anons in my inbox defending particular cis dudes

1) I don’t care about your dude

2) you don’t understand privilege or oppression or structural inequality

3) I really really don’t care about your dude


Anonymous asked:
What do you mean 'unfortunately' yes?

We mean it can be dangerous to be involved with people who are structurally positioned to hurt you, hurt you often and thoughtlessly and deeply.

Also cishet men are literally my least favourite category of people for related reasons.


I don’t trust men, i don’t trust hetereosexuals, and I don’t trust cis people. Why on earth would I encourage anyone to even tangentially associate with a combination of all three of those things?

Anonymous asked:
Do you think a cishet male would date a genderfluid person who is dfab?

unfortunately yes, i do think that would happen.

Anonymous asked:
Is there any difference between AFAB/AMAB, FAAB/MAAB, or CAFAB/CAMAB? Specifically, does the "coercively" indicate something else, or are they just three different ways to say "assigned guy/girl at birth"? I just don't want to accidentally use labels that don't actually apply to me. Thank you for answering! :)

we answered this a few pages back; i cannot get the exact post for you right now, unfortunately.


Anonymous asked:
My current partner is genderqueer. I love them very much and we have had many conversations about gender identity since day one of our relationship. However, as they are edging closer to the male side of the spectrum I find myself feeling uncomfortable because as a survivor of multiple instances of rape and sexual assault I am very uncomfortable and feel extremely unsafe around men, especially in intimate setting. Do you have advice for dealing with this? I would very much appreciate it!

I’m not going to “not all men at you”, not the least because I have had very similar experiences.

My advice is talk to your partner, and be honest with your partner and yourself. People change a lot through exploring themselves, and stepping into a more male coded social role can lead to some really toxic behaviors and relationship dynamics. It’s okay if you discover you’re really not comfortable being involved with somebody who is structurally positioned to do you harm.

Also, keep yourself safe. Tell friends what is going on in your life. Make sure people know where you are and how to reach you before having big talks with your partner. If your alarm bells are going off enough to prompt you to send this message, you should trust those instincts and take precautions.


Anonymous asked:
Is it okay for me to use she/her/herself pronouns but refer to myself using 'we'? I consider myself non-binary, and using she/her pronouns makes me uncomfortable, but I also don't want to use 'they.' But, in my mind I refer to myself as 'we.' I don't know what pronouns to use, but I really feel better calling myself 'we' and I'm not sure why? Is that too weird?

Fun fact: before using my current pronouns I spoke about myself in the same way

keep on doin’ what you need to do, friend. it is absolutely okay


Anonymous asked:
Y r people non binary?

Because it is Cool and Fun

Why aren’t you nonbinary?



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Anonymous asked:
Do you have any advice for a tgirl who has a stubborn mustache/5o'clock shadow? I've tried plucking and shaving but my hair grows back fast and thick. I'm praying they'll slow down/stop as soon as I start hormones this year




Silicone based primer to smooth texture, orange lipstick blended over it to cancel out grey and blue hues, concealer ontop, blended with a wet sponge. Powder, and then mist the skin with something to takeaway the powdery look.



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